What sorts of struggles can you help me with?

I can help you with a wide range of struggles including:

  • Stopping excessive barking, whining or crying

  • Establishing great habits in your puppy

  • Preventing destructive behaviour

  • Stopping your dog from jumping up

  • Stopping your dog from mouthing or biting

  • Training your dog to eliminate in the right spot

  • Teaching your dog to walk without pulling

  • and much more...

My extensive qualifications and experience mean I’m well placed to help with a very wide range of issues, so please get in touch to discuss your particular needs. I also invite you to read testimonials from happy customers (and dogs).

How do sessions work?

All my one-on-one dog training consultations begin by understanding the sorts of issues and expectations you have.

We jointly complete a survey to ensure I know what you're looking to achieve in your relationship with your dog and can help you get there.

How long are sessions?

Initial sessions are usually 90 minutes long. Any longer than this and I find both dogs and humans start to get too tired!

Who do one-on-one sessions suit?

One-on-one sessions are great for everyone because they let us work intensly with you and your dog.

They are especially useful for puppies, households with more than one dog, or for people with dogs with behavioural issues they're looking to address.

How can I prepare for my training session?

To prepare, we ask that you:

  • Have a hungry pup/dog that hasn't eaten in at least 6 hours

  • Have a flat collar for your dog (and/or harness if using)

  • Have a leather or rope Leash (no chain leads please)

  • Have an ample supply of soft, easily palatable treats (cheese or poached chicken work really well)

  • Have your dogs favourite toy handy

If you don't have a leash or flat collar handy, or aren't sure which to buy, don't worry, we carry a range of collars for you to try and a few for purchase.

Above all we ask that you are optimistic about your dog and have an open mind to try new ways of training your dog. 

What do I get at the end of my session?

At the end of your training session, you’ll get a detailed set of notes to help you practice what you’ve learnt after we’ve left (or between sessions).

How much to sessions cost?

  • Initial consultations are usually around 90 minutes: $150

  • Follow–up consultations (usually around 60 minutes): $120

  • 4 Prepaid sessions (an initial consultation and 3 follow-up consultations): $459 + travel

Travel fees are charged for appointments more than 20 minutes from Kyneton Post Office.

Service Area

Based out of Kyneton, Victoria, I travel across the Macedon Ranges and am happy to come to Kyneton, Woodend, Macedon, Mount Macedon, Gisborne, Lancefield or Romsey. Outside those areas, please get in contact and we can work something out.


Make a booking now:

I would love to help you with your dog.

To make a booking today, call or message me on 0490 458 190 or send me an email.